30 Apr 2013

Girls Best Friends Jewelry

Hello lovelies!
Today I'm showing you an adorable brand I have found a couple days ago on Facebook and I felt in love immediately! 

Its a Portuguese handmade jewelry brand featuring everyday objects turned into the cuttest small fabric pendants. 

Hoje trago-vos uma marca adorável que encontrei no Facebook há uns dias! Fiquei apaixonada pelas peças e tinha que partilhar comvosco.
A Girls Best Friends é uma marca de joias feitos artesanalmente que transforma objectos do nosso quotidiano nas peças mais pequenas e adoráveis que já vi. 

Website   |  Facebook 

GBFs Concept
"GBF© values the individuality and therefore exists to create and develop versatile design products for each woman.
Designed by Ana Rita de Oliveira and executed in Portugal in a traditional way, GBF© products are also inspired in harmony and versatility.
On Ana Rita's point of view, harmonious products are those who function on itself but when combined with others are able to add them an extra value and, versatile products are those who don´t impose their way of application or utilization.
GBF© believes that the magic is in the personal discovery of this features in everything around, like in friendship, where the most valuable things and persons are progressively revealed on the relationship with them. 
GBF© as a Brand stand for a gradual knowledge of its products by the women who will realize progressively that those may be more than they appear... As they're being collected, a new family will be created and increased in an atmosphere of harmony: each purchased product will always be well accepted and incorporated by the previous one into the family dynamics.

The GBF© goal is to make products that can be used and combined together and between collections, avoiding the existence of totally isolated products with a unique function or application.
This concept of family products and relation between them will become more obvious as the collections are being revealed.

On the other hand, GBF© traditional execution and the handmade quality finishes are a sign of appreciation of the individuality like should happens in a harmonious family, by the way products are produced by individuals to individuals with the certainty that each one will always be unique and made specially for its user.

GBF© presents itself with a first Trendycollect© collection dedicated to fashion accessories, but in the future will present new collections dedicated to other women interest areas...and not only..."

All image credit to GBF's Website