28 Dec 2012

Top # Christmas Polishes

Hi Girls! Here they are!! 
 My Top Polishes for Christmas 2012!
This was as tag originally started by my friend Alexandra from Things About and as I promised way back in early December here is my top!

Lack Attack - Particle Man
(Review Coming soon)

Kiko 396 - Duochrome Gold-Green
Review here.

Lack Attack - Fractured Glass
(Review Coming soon)

Kinetics 213 Black Silk (Lets Pink Collection
(Review Coming soon)

Catrice - Genious in a Bottle
(Review Coming soon)

Purple Professional Nr.32 - Pure White
(Review Coming soon)

Sancion Angel -Cromic -Morango com Pimenta
(Review Here

Layla Mirror Effect - Black as Ebony
(Review here

Cameo Colours - Tangled Lights and Elf Yourself
(Review here)

BBF - Christmas Tree
(coming Soon)

Mollon Party Line #150
(used  Here)

Rainbow Honey - Glittering Rapture
(Review here)

Impala - Na Mira 3D
(used here)

Shimmer Polish - Alessandra
(review here)

Finger Paints - Flashy 
(used here)

Alter Ego - Candy Caner
(review here)

I hope you like my Christmas 2012 sellection! There are so many more I love too!
What are your favorite Christmas Polishes!?
Feel free to leave the links to your TopChristmasPolishes herein the comment section bellow!!


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