11 Apr 2012

Cats and Purples

Hy girls!
Today I'm showing you a manicure I did a couple weeks ago, just after I boght my new Color3! Essence Nail polishes!
So.. I tested the purple one!

Hoje venho-vos mostrar uma mani que fiz há umas semanas quando comprei os novos color3! da Essence...

Testei o Roxo... Eis como ficou a cor base..
This is how the "boys are back in town - essence" 
looks on the nail with the base stamping on it!

Eis como o o verniz essence "boys are back in town" fica na unha com a primeira parte de carimbos.
Here's how the base color looks on the nail with the first stamping.

Finished manicure:
Manicure terminada:

How did I do it??
Como é que fiz??

Base color: Boys are back in town- Purple - Essence Color3!
Stamped Lines :  White stamp with m69
Cats: B15, KK Center (in black and white)
Top coat with Its just a little crush - Essence color3! 
Top coat: Kiss Multifast Top coat.

Hope you enjoyed today's post !
 See you soon,

 Espero que tenham gostado !
Até breve,

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