7 Nov 2013

About Perfumes #2

Bill Blass

Since the 1940’s, Bill Blass is working on the original American dream. The pursuit of a dream to become rich, successful and worldwide know! As a fashion icon and business man, Bill Blass started with clothing and rapidly expanded his influence to beauty and other projects. Among the most famous products in his lines, Bill Blass Perfumes and Colognes lines has achieved world success! Created for both man and women. One of the most successful men’s fragrances is Amazing Cologne.

 Being able to create designer perfumes for women is one of the great achievements of this brand. These perfumes are created to suit every women’s desire and are well recognized for that. The Bill Blass Couture Perfume Series is an excellent example of how it works. The Couture Perfume series has 7 different scented perfumes to meet every women’s expectations.